Adding Aerial-Thermography Specifications to Contracts

Start using the industry standard for PV inspections.

Aerial thermography has become a standard practice for PV inspection in the solar industry and is increasingly getting scoped into requests for proposals (RFPs).

To enable the solar industry to scale, Raptor Maps provides aerial-thermography contract language in a downloadable format. Add the language into your current contracts or as an exhibit to ensure your aerial-thermography inspections for standard O&M, preventative maintenance and project commissioning are following proven industry standards.

Raptor Maps strictly follows the IEC TS 62446-3:2017 standards for aerial thermography for our comprehensive and commissioning inspections to ensure a standardized data-collection process for our clients. To learn how we comply with the IEC standards, click here.

Contract-ready PDFs:

PV Aerial Thermography Inspection

PV Aerial Thermography Commissioning Inspection

Visit this page for more information or to download these free documents.

Sample contractSample contract

Sample contract