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New Inspections: What we need from you

As soon as you can and before flights begin...

1. Provide site information for the report by requesting a new inspection from the account portal.

Use the special instructions box to flag high priority inspections.

Refer to Submitting an order for a new inspection for detailed instructions on how to request a new inspection.

2. Provide the best possible and most up-to-date electrical as-built for each site as a PDF and upload it as part of your request for a new inspection.

Here is a sample from a report of the kind of as-built detail we require:

Refer to Providing the correct as-built information for your site for more information on submitting as-builts.

3. Provide the inspection images.

  • If it is a turnkey inspection, check off "I am using turnkey services."
  • If you are providing the images, the upload link will appear on your order form here:

Updated 3 months ago

New Inspections: What we need from you

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