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Rooftop Modeling

Use a drone inspection from Raptor Maps to assist in the design of rooftop solar installations.

A rooftop inspection provides:

  • Image capture for design and 3D modeling
  • Highly accurate roof measurements; reduced human error
  • A safer, more efficient, and up to 50% faster method in comparison to manual inspection

Deliverables are CAD compatible files. Working with your CAD system, you can view rooftop obstacles, assess shadowing impact, and plan more accurate measuring missions.


CAD compatible files

Orthomosaic (.tif)
Digital Surface Model (.tif) (comprehensive package only)
Point Cloud (.las) (comprehensive package only)
Ortho Scale Factor

3D Mesh bundle
(comprehensive package only)

Texture (.jpg)
Mesh material (.mtl)
3D Mesh (.obj)

AutoCAD (.dwg) file

Dimensioned rooftop measurements, including:
Parapet walls
Offset from wall (based on IFC standards)
Rooftop obstructions

At an additional charge:
(comprehensive package only)

Offsets for obstructions
Distance of obstruction to wall
Height of obstructions

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Rooftop Modeling

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