Uploading Images from the Cloud

Upload thermal- and visible-spectrum images into the Raptor Maps App

Note: Please access the app using the Chrome browser.

Once you’ve flown a site and collected images, you’ll need to upload the images to the Raptor Map App.

Use the upload link found in your order to upload the images:

Limit each upload session to a maximum of 1000 images.

Select Upload images from the left toolbar. If you’ve copied the images to a cloud drive, click on From Cloud:

Review the upload name in the top right hand corner. If you need to change it, click on the pencil icon to do so.

Use the following convention to name the upload:


If you are uploading data to enable the creation of an orthomosaic, use ORTHO as the file type.

Note. We need the full site name to match upload sessions with the associated report; do not abbreviate the site name.

The Raptor Maps app supports data transfer from Dropbox, box, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Apple iCloud, and Amazon Drive. Specify your cloud drive type by clicking on the appropriate icon. Click on Connect to sign in to the drive.

Select the appropriate files. You can select the contents of a specific folder by clicking on the Add folder circle to check it.

Click on View/ Edit to review, then click on Upload to begin transferring the images. The upload may take a few minutes.

Once all files have been transferred, the Upload Summary page displays.

Check that the appropriate number of thermal images and RGB images have been uploaded.

If you have additional files to transfer, click on Upload More Data. You''ll return to the initial Upload Images page. Once you've clicked on Cloud, proceed as outlined above. Select your cloud-drive type and revise the name of the upload prior to selecting the images you wish to transfer.