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Accessing your inspections

This page will help you get started with Raptor Maps.

The Raptor App is located at https://app.raptormaps.com. Simply head to that address in your browser's URL bar. For optimal performance, Google Chrome is recommended.


Enter your email and password. If your organization does not have a Raptor App account, please contact [email protected] to learn more. If you need to be added to your existing organization, please contact your system administrator.

Login screen

Navigate to an Inspection

Your analyzed solar sites will be visible once logged into the Raptor App. Please click View under a particular site and then click Inspections.

Select inspections

Choose a particular inspection. If the site has been inspected more than once, multiple inspections will be visible here.

Select a particular inspection

Inspection Report Viewer

The inspection report viewer has various ways to view, interact, and share important data about your solar site. The first view is our primary report page. You can see summary information such as the site's size, location, point of contact, etc. As you scroll down the page you can view a summary of the findings, estimated affected power, localization diagrams, and even every anomaly.

It is important to note the side navigation bar and bottom right buttons. On the left you can navigate to the following:

  • PDF style report with print functionality
  • Tabular view with spreadsheet downloads
  • Map view with geospatial file download options
  • JSON export of your report's important information
  • Sharing tools to people in your organization and outside of your organization
  • Financial calculator tools
  • Filtering tools to show and hide various anomaly types and priorities

Report Viewer

Report Tables

Report Map

Report Filtering Options

Report JSON

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Accessing your inspections

This page will help you get started with Raptor Maps.

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