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Construction Verification Reporting

For sites under construction, reporting from Raptor Maps enables you to verify mechanical installation as a site progresses to completion.

Use these scheduled weekly reports to:

  • Reduce the number of site visits, saving time and travel expenses
  • Ensure site is ready for scheduled engineer visits, reducing idle days
  • Independently assess progress of contractors’ work
  • Investors and financiers can stay up to date on construction status

Reports are generated based on images captured from a satellite. The images are used to compare site status against construction specifications provided by the customer.



Summary of hardware installed to date

Learn specifics of component installation

Weather summary

Determine how weather may impact progress

Site map showing modules installed

Get a snapshot of work completed to date

Historical data - percentage completed

Get details of work completed to date

Sample page from the report

Updated 3 months ago

Construction Verification Reporting

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