Shading Analysis

Shading analysis provides teams with an efficient means to assess the impact of perimeter shading on solar sites.

Use this turnkey service from Raptor Maps to:

  • For O&M organizations, refine performance forecasting based on analysis of onsite shading
  • For EPC groups, leverage findings to improve construction practices for future sites

Working with the image sets provided, use solar design software to update your model based on actual shading conditions.

Standard image set deliverables include:

  • Ortho-mosaic
  • Orbital obliques
  • Outward obliques

Images are collected each hour, on the hour, between 10:00AM and 2:00 PM, using drone flights.

Comprehensive deliverables include the standard image sets plus a PDF report. The report provides site details and diagrams, enabling visualization of shading objects on the site perimeter. It includes the height of perimeter trees and their distance from each array.