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Deliverables for topographic survey

A topographic survey from Raptor Maps provides you with the data you need for site assessment, planning, and design.

  • Properly plan for site installations
  • Evaluate runoff and terrain
  • Calculate volume, elevation, and distance for elements on your site
  • Confirm ground measurements
  • Address unexpected blockers and provide important details to expedite project finance
  • Create a comprehensive record of the state of a site before construction


Volume measurement

Orthomosaic (.tif)
Digital Surface Model (.tif)
Point Cloud (.las)

3D mesh bundle

Texture (.jpg)
Mesh material (.mtl)
3D Mesh (.obj)
Ortho Scale Factor

Comprehensive deliverable (option 1)

For smaller sites: PDF with diagrams of exact volume measurements for debris piles and trenches.

Comprehensive deliverable (option 2)

For larger sites: Contour Map (.dwg / .shp )

Standard deliverables: Image sets + volume measurements

Comprehensive deliverable option 2: contour map

Updated 8 months ago

Deliverables for topographic survey

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