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Microplant Reporting

The microplant solution is for portfolios of smaller solar PV systems, each 1 MW or less. It provides a cost-effective, accurate, and safe method to identify problems impacting C & I plant performance.


  • Raptor Maps manages flight operations and data analysis through globally available turnkey services
  • Gain valuable insights at an affordable price with inspections and analytics performed in volume
  • Safely inspect rooftop PV systems with aerial thermography
  • Quickly inspect hundreds of PV systems without truck rolls or internal staff deployments


  • Every PV system inspection report is available online; share, print, and export in the file types your team uses
  • Provide teams with the information necessary to repair malfunctioning modules, strings, and systems
  • Anomalies identified then localized with pins in the report's map view, including satellite imagery
  • Each anomaly paired with the image from the inspection to enable visual identification

Minimum portfolio size and open scheduling parameters apply.

To learn more or schedule a demo, contact us at [email protected]

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Microplant Reporting

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