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Submitting an Order for a New Inspection

Ordering a new inspection

To provide the information necessary for a new inspection, click on Order for an Existing Site

Find the site and click on Next to continue to the Request Inspection page:

Your account provides the means for you to provide the report details required for a new inspection. New inspections are of two types:

  • The first inspection of a new site
  • A new inspection for an existing site

This document describes the steps needed to submit an order for each of these inspection types.

Note that, for each inspection, you'll need to upload the as-built as part of the order submission process.

In addition to submitting this order, we need an as-built and a complete set of images to begin processing your report.

Before you start

Before you start, collect the information you need to complete the order:

  • Site information: collect this information if you are requesting the first inspection of a new site.
  • Inspection information: provide the specifics for a new inspection.
  • Flight information: provide if your organization flew the site.
Site information
Site nameThe name of the site as it will appear on the report
Site addressSite address as it will appear on the report
Latitude / longitudeCoordinates of the site location, to at least 5 decimal places
Commissioning dateDate the site was commissioned
Solar modulesSolar module / modules in use at the site
Tracking / mounting technologyTracker or mount technology in use at the site
Module layoutNumber of modules per string
InvertersInverter type in use at the site
Inspection information
NameMeans of identifying this inspection, for example, Spring 2019
Power inspectedMW of power being inspected, to the nearest known decimal place. If only a portion of a site is being inspected, specify the size of that portion.
ContactContact for the inspection. This is the name that appears on the report.
Order typeOverview / standard / comprehensive

For more information on inspection types, please refer to
Solar Inspection Deliverables
ServicesSelect extra services for the inspection, for example, custom numbering, orthomosaic, or linked images.
Flight information
UAS modelModel of the drone, for example, DJI M200
Imaging systemCamera used to capture images, for example, Zenmuse XT2

Next, upload the as-built for the site.

For more information on providing a good as-built, refer to
Providing As-Built Information for your Site

After uploading the as-built, click on Save and Continue to specify the drone and imaging system used for the inspection. Only fill out this section if you have pilots flying the site. * If you are providing the images, the upload link will appear on your order form here:

Required: Use the polygon button (highlighted in red) to draw flight boundaries for data validation. After drawing flight boundaries, press ENTER key to confirm and save.

Click on Save and Review to continue to the Summary page, where you can submit your order:

You’ll receive a confirmation email, once you’ve submitted your order.

Submitting the order with the as-built is the first step in generating your report. We'll start processing the order once Raptor Maps has the inspection images.

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Submitting an Order for a New Inspection

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