API Changelog

A list of changes to the Raptor Maps API.


API Guidance around how often API tokens should be acquired is now updated, API consumers should take note and make a best effort at following the guidelines.

Using the Raptor Maps API


We've updated our API Authentication to a more secure method! Be sure to check the updated instructions on the Getting Started page.


The backend API endpoint URL for https://app.raptormaps.com was changed to https://app-legacy.raptormaps.com. The frontend application is still accessible at https://app.raptormaps.com. Most API usage should use the latest API at https://api.raptormaps.com except for data ingestion, which remains at https://app-legacy.raptormaps.com


Update 2023-04-04: https://app.raptormaps.com was moved to https://app-legacy.raptormaps.com.

Endpoints in "Raptor App API" at https://app.raptormaps.com were migrated to "Raptor App API (NEW)" at https://api.raptormaps.com between June to July 2021. Not all endpoints will be migrated immediately.

Inspection results delivered prior to June 11, 2021 will still be available at https://app.raptormaps.com until August 31, 2021.

Inspections delivered after June 11, 2021 will only be available at https://api.raptormaps.com. Deprecated currently endpoints are marked as "deprecated" at the top of the description.

For example:
If inspection results were delivered to your organization on June 11, 2021. The findings table can be accessed at https://app.raptormaps.com/api/v2/solar_inspections/<inspection_uuid>/findings AND https://api.raptormaps.com/solar_inspections/<inspection_id>/findings.

If inspection results were delivered to your organization on June 14, 2021 the findings table can only be accessed at https://api.raptormaps.com/solar_inspections/<inspection_id>/findings.

Historical API request results contained both UUIDs and IDs and accessed via UUID. Going forward requests will use ID.